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HerStory - Lead Like A Queen

Donna has been supporting women leaders in business, ministries and non-profits since 1996.

In 2010, Donna co-founded
an organization for work-at home moms that supported, advocated for, and connected women leaders so they could empower one another. 

In 2012, GGene S.I.S., LLC
was established to empower online business owners with marketing, writing, editing, research and other important functions which improve small businesses led by and for women.

Lead Like A Queen - History
LLAQ was an 8 week seminar in College Park, Georgia that empowered attendees to learn and become more grounded in leadership development skills. It was co-sponsored and supported by a local business club.
This program is now available online to support your journey on your own time and at your own pace from any location you choose using mobile and digital learning tools that are affordable and accessible for you.

Empathy for Women Recovering from Trauma
For the past 6 years, Donna's journey has included being a caregiver who has faced the trauma of devastating diagnosis for the person closest to her.
Despite this trauma, she and her family have been overcoming the grief and anxiety it caused; and they are moving forward from a place of faith and joy.
Her children are also seeking the path of entrepreneurship, as they continue their successful learning in both homeschool and public school settings.
The goal of Lead Like A Queen is to see women leaders who have experienced trauma transition from a place of 
anxiety, sadness, loneliness and powerlessness, to an empowered confident position 
that moves them forward with joy in their transformation journey in every area of life.

Join us!. Take action and plant the seed you need to confidently #LeadLikeAQueen at home, at work, in school and in business.

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