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[VIDEO] UPDATE - How Conscious Selfless Servants Impact the World - an Amazon Kindle Book Trailer

[SUMMER EVENT] Seminar Helps Small Business Leaders Understand How to Focus and Get Better Results

How Well Are You Focusing as a Small Business Leader?

If you are not sure how to answer this, you need to learn more and tweak your leadership so you’re able to Lead Like A Queen and see more growth.


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In small business, you become a leader as soon as you start selling your products or services.  Being a “queen” is about the mindset of responsibility, instead of privilege, which empowers you to impact the world with your “small” business.  Evenso, many leaders start feeling overwhelmed and/or unsure as we start to grow.

It is hard to understand which mole to whack to keep your business from becoming part of the small biz fail statistics.

Until you understand how to assess and improve your own leadership, it will impact your focus, your confidence, your effectiveness, and, most importantly, your profit growth.

Q: “Where can I get help with tweaking my focus as I lead my small business?”

Join us for a free inspiring event to encourage and inform you about:
  • Assessing and improving your small business leadership;
  • Improving the foundation of your small business with proper focus;
  • Hear from an experienced small business leader to give insight into their perspective on this area of focus; and
  • Brief question and answer session for small business leadership questions

Event Name: “How Well Are You Focusing in Your Small Business?”
Why Attend? Make business better: focus better, lead better & make more money
Date & Time: Tuesday June 4, 2019 @ 7pm
Location: Fayette County Library 1821 Heritage Pkwy, Fayetteville, GA 30214
Contact: Donna Marie Johnson, CEO of GGene S.I.S., LLC
m: (678) 203-8789

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Being a Queen is a Responsibility more than a Privilege. | 
Empowering and Inspiring Women to Emerge and Lead Like A Queen |
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