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Purpose of Lead Like A Queen Blog

MORE SUPPORT FOR WOMEN LEADERS.Women often lead, but without muchconfidence in their leadership skills. Researchers have shown that many women who are already leading in non-traditional roles, and those who are in traditional leadership roles, lack confidence because of: their own insecurities; lack of leadership training; being undervalued and overlooked (and discriminated against) by the authority figures and decision-makers who impact their lives; receiving less frequent, less useful mentorship and feedback than what male peers receive.
This lack of leadership confidence is a problem because... ...some women are now emerging from behind the scenes to take up leadership of their homes, offices, schools, churches, or organizations by default due to traumatic or sudden changes in relationships. Sometimes this is due to illness, divorce, or separation caused by unexpected circumstances or tragedies. ANXIETY. Lack of confidence for women leaders leads to them having great anxiety during…

About Me

Donna Marie Johnson, Leadership Coach @LeadLikeAQueen

My name is Donna Marie Johnson. You can find me on most social media sites with the username @LeadLikeAQueen
I am a leadership coach and small business consultant serving women leaders - including non-traditional leaders like spousal caregivers - globally.
Enlightened. Empowered. Enabled to confidently #LeadLikeAQueen
Many of the women I serve are recovering from trauma/tragedy which has disrupted their lives and impacted their confidence. Many times the trauma/tragedy was caused by a loved one's loss through illness, death, divorce or separation.
I have been called an empathetic advisor, and am very excited to be available to coach you in your journey to recover and regain ground towards your goals.
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